About us

Our Vision

At Proclaim it, we work with churches to serve Christ and make him known.

We think of our customers as partners in the gospel and that’s what makes working with us so special. Not only do you get technical expertise and great websites, but you’ll benefit from a relationship with people who have the same passion for sharing the gospel as you.

We want to help you serve your community. We love getting to know you and what you need, and we care about your church and what you’re called to do.

We want the internet to be populated with great websites, social media and apps that draw people to gospel-centred churches so that resources like talks and blogs are easily accessible. We aim to provide you with a website that is attractive, easy to use and affordable.

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What we Believe

We are committed to the truths of biblical Christianity.

We believe in one God in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe in God’s sovereignty in creation, revelation, redemption and judgment. We believe in the divine inspiration and trustworthiness of Scripture, and the sinfulness of all people rendering them subject to God’s wrath and judgment.

We believe in the redemption from the guilt, penalty and power of sin solely through the Lord Jesus, the Son of God, and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and ascension into heaven.

We believe in the work of God the Holy Spirit in bringing us to life and faith in Jesus, and the Spirit’s presence in every believer. We believe in justification for the sinner by God’s grace through faith alone and not through our own efforts. We believe in one Church which is the body of Christ and to which all believers belong. We believe in the personal return of Jesus.